What our customers are saying

We needed an overview of all the access rights in our network. I am now able to run reports to give to the department director so that they can see who has what permissions and to either add or remove users. This is what I am truly after. Permission Analyzer helps me by doing the initial scan and letting me know what is out there now.

E. Martin

An ECR International spokesperson

We are currently trying to analyze our user rights on the network, but have not found a tool that displays easy-to-read report data. I have downloaded your demo and have found it much easier to use, and seems much faster than Hyena when it comes to collecting data from our servers.

C. North

Park Community

I have been looking for just this type of tool to use in the many conversions and acquisitions that we are involved with. Some small and some very large.

K. Hoggatt

HP Enterprise Services

I ran the program and I liked it; I think it will work for what I need which is to find out who has what permissions, and where.

Brad R. Willett

United States Air Force

Thank you it is looking correct now. I would like to say the support from you has been fantastic!! Thank you very much. I will be strongly recommending this software to any organisation requiring high security around folders permissions.

S. Martin

Timberlands Limited