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Tracing permissions

Effective permissions

To review a directory for all found permissions, see the tabs at the bottom of the search result screen. Each directory in the main search result screen represents the sum of all permissions found. Should the filter criteria yield multiple members, then you may use one of the tabs to view more details about particular members. The first tab with Effective permissions displays members for whom permissions have been found on the selected directory or file. Each member can be expanded to view the provenance of their effective permissions, e.g. through which (nested) group membership the permissions were granted:

Effective permissions tab to zoom in effective permissions per user or group

The Access Control List

The second tab displays the Access Control List on the file system, this tab corresponds with the Security tab on the file properties dialog in Windows Explorer. Only the members that match the filter criteria are displayed, unless the option “Apply filter on the list” is unchecked to view the entire Access Control List. Permissions can be modified or the results can be copied to the clipboard using the toolbar buttons in the tab:

ACL tab to view the Access Control List as it exists on the file system

The origin of permissions

Pin a user or group and find out the origin of their NTFS permissions The Trace tab is used to pin a particular member and to view all applicable permissions for the selected folder. The view subsequently displays all permissions that apply to that specific member as well as the provenance of those permissions, e.g. through which (nested) group membership or superior directory the permissions were granted.

This feature allows you to easily track the cause of undesirable permissions and resolve such cases by modifying the permissions. The context menu of a member in one of the other tabs has the option to add the member to the Trace tab.

Tip: Use the info button to get the group membership information of the member selected:

Trace tab to zoom in on your search results.

Extracting all users and groups from the overview

The final tab All matching users and groups can be used to extract all users and groups from the overview. This is useful when the filter criteria yield multiple members and you want to have a overview of unique users and groups that have been found. Each member can be expanded to view all the explicit permissions on every directory for that member, including the ones granted through nested group memberships:

The All members tab where you can see all the users and groups that exist in the search result