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Other features

Showing member info

You will be able to request the details of a member or group at various points throughout the application: in the ACL view, Trace view, Member filters or search window for member selection. The member dialogue window shows both memberOf data as well as the members in the case of a group. In both cases nested memberships will also be shown.

Configuring LDAP attributes

Permission Analyzer makes use of a number of standard LDAP attributes to retrieve member information and group relations. These attributes can be modified if you wish to use other fields. By enabling the option “Follow referrals” the application automatically resolves LDAP referrals sent by the domain controllers. The option is default disabled because it may cause errors when those referrals cannot be reached (they point to other domain controllers for example).

Update service

Check for updates quickly at any time via [Help] > [Check for updates]. If there is no Internet connection available you can use the offline update package on the Download page, which can be downloaded from a different machine. This package contains all the required artifacts to update your application to the latest version.